Monday, March 31, 2008

Aish went to Telok Chempedak, Kuantan

We went back to my hometown, Kuantan last weekend. Aish was so excited because he already set his mind that he want to go to the beach. Since Friday afternoon, he keep asked me went we are going back to Mak Tok's house? He was so excited that he doesn't want to sleep that night. He waited untill we departure

We arrived at my mum's house at 3:00 am. He woke up that he doesn't want to sleep because he wanted to wait untill the sunrise. Even he slept at 4:00am, he woke up at 10:00 am and asked when we are going to the beach.

At noon, we went to Kuantan Plaza to buy his swimming suit. Aish chose the one with three quater sleeve and pants because the suit looks like ultraman suits. He wore the suit once we reached at home.

We went to Teluk Chempedak at 5:30pm. And definitely you can guess after that.... Just look at these pictures....

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Magic Of Music, Toy Pianos, And Other Instruments

How we want to develop our children creativity? Most of us didn't know that we can develop through music. Here are some tips to all parent with young kids. I can be useful...

Music enchants children. Its magic reaches out to them even inside the womb. During the later parts of infancy, they almost always instinctively sway, bounce, or move their heads to its beat. Toddlers garble out nursery songs they hardly understand long before they can read, write, or talk coherently. And as they grow older, they learn how to make up songs.

As much as they love to listen, children love to create music. Whether it’s singing off-key, banging a rattle against the wall, or pounding on a toy piano, nothing can stop them from trying to imitate the different sounds of music.

Self-expression through music should be encouraged so kids may increase appreciation for it as they grow older. A way to do this is to provide musical instruments such as a tambourine or a toy piano. It’s also a good idea to play nursery songs in the background while a child is playing or drawing.

Musical Effects

Helping kids hold on to and increase their fondness of music will not only result in discovering talents. It will also bring positive effects to their well-being. Here are some key benefits that music can bring to children:

- Music encourages children to be more expressive. They can bang on their little drums when they’re mad or they can stroke the keys of their toy piano cheerfully when they’re happy.

- Music promotes self-esteem. When children realize that they can handle a musical instrument, sing a song aloud, or sway with the beat, they’ll feel proud of themselves and their abilities.

- Music gives knowledge. Constant exposure to music such as folk songs, praise music and nursery rhymes will make it easy for a child to understand values and feelings even before they begin to go to school. Parents should be ready to give answers when their children want song lyrics to be explained.

- Music inspires creativity. Because of what they hear, children may get inspired to explore other forms of art such as drawing or painting to further give life to a song. They may illustrate the complete cast of Old McDonald’s Farm or show how the Big Rock Candy Mountains appear in their minds. Because of the early exposure to a kid’s harp or a toy piano, a child may be motivated to write songs or compose music early on in life.

- Music develops communication skills. Getting better at the toy piano entails the same skills needed to learn how to read. Musical lyrics may help increase a child’s vocabulary. New ideas are learned through a song’s story line and kids can get better at articulating these ideas.

- Music helps children achieve goals. With the intent to master an instrument, a child learns the concept of staying focused to attain an objective. At an early age, they are already equipped with values that can help them become successful grown-ups.

But just like any other recreational means, music should not be imposed on your children. Teaching a child how to play a musical instrument or having him take part in voice lessons should not result in tantrums every time a session starts. Your child should love and enjoy musical activities in order for music to have a positive effect in your child’s life.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Children’s Furniture: Must-haves For Your Kid’s Bedroom!

What do you think about your child bedroom? Even us want our own bedroom to be cosy and lovely. Mmmm....Since that I am going to move to my own house definitely that I have to find some ideas how to decorate my child bedroom. Definitely because that I want Aish to be so cosy in his own room.

The bedroom is a place of sanctuary for most children. It can be a place where they can think freely, explore their creativity, discover hidden talents, read, or listen to music. That’s why, as a parent, it’s important to choose children’s furniture that your child can totally make use of.

Maximizing Space and Imagination

Make use of every bit of space available in the bedroom. Children love to store a lot of stuff, so there should be a place available for all your child’s knick knacks. Setting up a shelf or toy storage while maximizing space will ensure that your child’s bedroom is safe and comfortable.

Imagination is the element that will make your child’s bedroom fun and cheerful. You’ll be amazed at how your child can help if you’re lacking in this area. Let him or her describe the preferred colors, themes, and designs. Once you get the idea, finding the right children’s furniture and other decorations your child prefers should be easy.

More Than Just A Bedroom

Because we’ve established that children do more than just sleep in their rooms, you should consider buying children’s furniture that will fully support your kid’s activities.

Most children enjoy drawing and coloring or playing with dolls or action figures. Set up an activity area where your child can comfortably get into the action. Educational rugs or play mats are ideal for this part of your child’s bedroom.

If your child loves books, then setting up a reading nook is the way to go. This area needs to be inviting and comfortable. Provide a cozy chair or a soft rug and overstuffed pillows. Make sure that the lighting in this area is ideal. Keep a book shelf within your child’s reach.

Provide a shelf or cabinet that will serve as a display area. Your child will be able to show-off artwork and favorite pictures. This could also be a place to where trophies, collectibles, and other memorabilia are placed.

Hassle-free Storage Solutions

Keeping children’s bedroom clutter-free is a challenge every parent must face. It’s just a matter of finding a storage solution that is convenient for you and your child. In order to prevent children from just shoving everything under their beds when asked to clean their rooms, the arrangement below could work wonders:

1. Install a corkboard for photographs and artwork.

2. Provide a cabinet for display items. You can opt to have one built-in or you can pick a good one in children’s furniture stores.

3. Place attractive wicker baskets in corners where your child can dump his or her toys, books, and dirty clothes.

4. A roomy closet is recommended for easy storage of your child’s clothes, shoes, and sports gear.

Useful Tips When Out Furniture Shopping

Don’t immediately purchase an item that catches your or your child’s eye. Children’s furniture should be durable and can withstand a child’s constant flow of activity. So make sure you check the credibility of the manufacturer and the kind of material a particular desk or chair is made of.

Don’t give in right away to whatever your child wants. Consider the space of the bedroom as opposed to the gigantic shelf your kid is pointing at. You also need to determine how often your kid will be using a particular piece. When your decision is a no, make your child understand why.

Before going shopping, check out magazines and the Internet for photographs and decoration schemes. This will provide you a clearer view of what you want to get.

Buy at trusted children’s furniture stores. Do your homework and compare prices in advance to get the best deal. After all, you only want nothing but the best for your child.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Aish and Irfan

Almost every day, after work we will go to Kak Unis's house because Aish want to play with his cousin, Irfan, Kak Yin and Kak Eisya. He will play untill both of them tired...once untill 1 am.... Ibu and Abah also tired...

Aish close to Irfan because we live near to each other and they both of them born on year 2004.

The Best Cousin Ever

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