Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shopping Online

What do you think about shopping online? Well I started to shop online recently when I was pregnant in third trimester. It was hard for me to go the shop especially when you don't really know where to buy particular things that you are looking for.

The first thing that I bought online was the breastpump. At first I was so worried about shopping online since that was my first time did it. So I decided to give a try since that I really need to prepare for my new baby because my plan was to exclusively breastfeed my baby.
My first attemped was browse at most online shop which offers the best price. Turned out to be I found this online shop when they were having sales in May 2009.

I bought the i-Spectra portable breastpump with a very good price and I am still using it until today. I was so excited then I paid to their account on Monday morning and the parcel arrived at my office on Tuesday afternoon. Wah, the service was so fast.

Spectra i-Spectra Portable Breastpump

Two week after that I was looking for postnatal. My sister recommended Amway Post Natal Care ehich include most everything and I have used them during my confinement and it was wonderful! Since I was already in 8 months that time and don't think I can afford to find it at shop so I decided again to shop online. This time I bought the Post Natal Set at Zette Online Shop which own by a lovely lady name Noorerly Ramli and she offered a very good price from the rest. :)

Amway Post Natal Care Set

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