Thursday, July 19, 2007

Trip to KLCC

I was so busy last week that I don't even have a time to write about Aish's trip to KLCC on the 10th of July.....On that day, we arrived 8:30am at school and the bus was already there. Aish was so excited that he wanted to ride the bus. But then we have to wait for others.

It was amazing to see that all the 3 years old & 4 years old children can listened and followed what their teacher told them. They qued before they ride the bus and even in side the bus they can sit down properly. Only one or two kids that need to be reminded.(I am the only parent that followed the trip)

We arrived at KLCC Park at 10:00am as planned and again the kids had to line up, hold hands and walk to the wading pool. Those kids quickly changed their clothes then jumped into the wading pool. Aish was freely playing and he doesn't even bother that I was there. Usual when we when to any wading pool he always fell insecure. Maybe because everybody around him are his friends and he relly enjoyed himself. After more than an hour on the pool, the kids changed their clothes and played at the playground.

All the kids are exausted and hungry. So, the school headmaster decided us to have our 'brunch' at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. We reached at Taman Tasik at 12 o'clock. We had 'nasi goreng cina' while watching The Eye of Malaysia. On the way back, most of the kids slept on the bus but not Aish. He still enjoyed the city view especially the cars.

They line up before they ride the bus.

Just arrive at KLLC Park.

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