Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Irfan's Birthday (Aish's cousin)

On 31st January recently, we celebrate Irfan's 4th birthday at Che Ngah's house. Almost everybody was there. Che Ya's family, Che Ah's family,our family, ayah je, ayah jim & his new girlfriend and ayah pik.

The Cake

Batch of 2004: Aish Danial, Farah Maryam,
Efdlin Eirfan and Afham

Aish and the cousins.


arsaili said...

happy birthday to irfan...salam kenal

nisha said...

wow yummy yummy cake.. am sure you all have a blast on the birthday:)

I have something for you on my blog azlynn.. please check it out soon and hope you like it:)

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