Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Start Again...

It has been quite sometime that I didn't post anything to this blog. After delivered my new baby, Ariq, I was so busy with confinement, work, my insurance's client, my new biz, facebook bla,bla, bla...hahaha, all just excuses...that is what my manager always said..

Well, I want to start writing again.... I will add all the along the way which I left behind...
Since i already have two sons...then the blog name should change, huh? What do you think?


samdaddycool said...

Congrats for newborn baby..

The blog name? No need to change. Suggestion : create another blog with different niche.

am0i Ida said...

salam..tahniah..ada baby baru rupanya, patut lama menyepi..nanti cerita pengalaman bersalinkan ariq ok...

nama blog ok jer nak ubah tapi kekalkan url..

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